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Who are they, Chinese brides?

The topic "Chinese women" dominates all forums. And already bubbles the prejudices, stereotypes, disappointments and much more; some have their own experiences, others have their own fantasies or expectations. However different and individual the beautiful Chinese ladies may be, there is one common denominator: the cultural difference in the form of a homogeneous community of values; these values ​​are decisive for the behavior. Anyone who does not know or understand these values ​​can do so like the fall of the Berlin Wall: he punishes life.

On this platform, we have already devoted ourselves to the cultural peculiarities of China more often: China and life culture, the Chinese life principle. Strategies: How to find a girlfriend in China. And very important: about the thinking of the Chinese people and our Western glasses.

This post is dedicated to the Chinese ladies. Dear readers, you do not need to click away, the article is about values. The gentlemen find something relevant in other contributions. And if the gentlemen now want to switch to the category "nightlife", we leave them, because nothing beats the gathering of own experiences. What China means, emotional and pecuniary costly experiences.

Chinese women are extraordinary and awesome

Chinese society is conservative and family-influenced

China, like most Asian countries, is a highly conservative country. What does that mean in concrete terms? "We know that, but have followed all parts of the godfather". Yes, it is similar. The familial order of values: first comes the parents (1st level), then the family (2nd level), followed by the friends (3rd level) and finally the spouse (4th level). How must the western husband of a Chinese woman feel when he realizes that instead of playing in the first league he only plays in the regional league.

Family first, that's the first value

Figure in front of the temple "But we do not want to marry straight away, just have a little fun, that's enough." I understand. Eating, drinking and a little sex. Good, sex. Chinese society taboos all sexual issues. Chinese men want a virgin as a girlfriend and wife. In rural provinces, virginity is a high social asset and is common among many girls in the Bangkok middle class. The country did not go through a sexual revolution like in Europe. Sexuality is accepted in society only as part of a marriage or relationship. But beware, that only applies to women. For Chinese men, there is a whole range of erotic pleasures available; Conservatism or not.

Why choose a Chinese woman?

Tabooing the sexual, that's the second value

The inexperienced Farang is amazed when the new sexy girlfriend, wrapped in his white towel, pulled the blanket up to his chin, with his eyes wide open, waiting for what may happen. And at most a barmaid reluctantly tolerates a kiss on the cheek at parting with the public, and the bourgeois girl will never walk around with her friend.

Chinese relationships are based on the care principle, which is the third value Chinese relationships, as well as most Asian, are rarely based on an emotional sense of spiritual love-affinity, but on the material "care principle". This value from English "to care", imperfectly translated into Western, means "to care for someone".

The man supplies material to the woman and usually also her family. By the way, this principle, without the family, existed even in our cold latitudes until the 60s of the last century. And as far as the family is concerned, this is due to the fact that in China a social network is only beginning to exist. The children have to care for their parents at the age. Gentlemen, if you once again feel like a walking ATM, you should consider this aspect.

Chinese girl supplies the man with her beauty and, politically incorrect, with her household services and of course, if need be, even in bed. The latter does not always have to be. This job is often done by one or more second women, Mia Noi, or the ladies in the Chinese man

the brothels; the latter since his tenderest youth.

So, when the new Chinese friend asks you for "true love," she does not mean "true love," an emotional-verbal proof of love. Your friend is asking for nothing less than that you should finally take over the supply role.

Chinese dating - what must be pointed out? 

Social values ​​determine the behavior of Chinese women

Let's first hold the interim conclusion: the Chinese society is family-shaped, conservative, tabooed the sex, the man provides material to the woman and usually her family. "Ha, ha, that's what BILD and RTL describe quite differently, but they always show pictures of young hot mice hanging on the shoulders of old, bald-headed tourists." But it fits. It's just the optics that do not fit, distorted by our prejudices and stereotypes and especially our western glasses. Besides, we're not just talking about the ladies from the Soi Cowboy or the Walking street; We will come to them later.

A look at individual women's groups

Now to the individual groups of women (and social strata) that make up the pool of Chinese women in essence.

Please, now necessarily bring the daughter to the computer. Their parents have taught them: first to finish education and university, then take a job and finally marry a husband, preferably one from a higher class. The daughters follow almost without exception. Now send the little daughter away again. Because the latter succeeds only rarely. Young gentlemen barely marry a girl from a lower-middle-class class. Such a thing the family of the young man would never accept.

The ladies try it on ... try, try and eventually marry a colleague from the office or a young man from the circle of friends of her friends. And if they miss the time, it will be difficult. Chinese men usually marry only very young girls. The sit-left looks forward to a gloomy future, often remains single or hears the courting of her elderly boss. Or a farang, to whom Isaan seems too rural, takes care of her. But beware: for many middle-class families, a farang in the family is considered disgraceful.

Educated women and managers

And what about the educated ladies or managers? Yes, there are surprisingly many, though China is a rather masculine society. Such ladies come mostly from the upper and uppermost social class and there they married.

If they do not succeed or one of the middle class has "ascended" (the Herenians from this class will not consider them as "belonging"), they may well qualify as a partner for a farang; a mostly similar "knitted". And what about these ladies with the core principle? Only so much, the care principle is not repealed in this female genus, although they are actually financially on their own feet; it just looks different. And how? I do not tell that out of sheer evilness ...

What dating sites should you use to meet a Chinese lady?

A girl from LandFarmgirls, most of them from northeastern China. An endless pool of marriage candidates from the mostly Farangs draw. And especially the German-speaking people are so enthusiastic about the nature in the Issan that they move into the village, build a house there and provide the family of the lady generously. Some also import them into their cold homes.

So, now to the daughters of the rice farmers: pretty, petite snake, unlike many of the junk-fattened city girls. Of course, this also affects the boys in the village, and the girl is pregnant at the age of 16. Rubbing is banned in China, the pill barely available. The school, if not finished after six classes, the girls break off; the adolescent father is undressed. The child looks after the family.

The shameful daughter works hard on the paddy field, as do the girls who passed the goblet of the bellows. And then the girlfriend comes from the big city, shows the new handbag. If the girl is pretty, she follows the girlfriend. If she is less pretty, she might go too and then work for a minimum wage of 8.50 EUR per day on a dusty construction site or, if lucky, for just a little more in a shopping mall or in a 7/11 shop.

 All girls are different from different backgrounds: from rich to poor families, well-educated and good-mannered, but on mail order brides all the best girls are presented.

Which Chinese marriage agency should be chosen? 

Chinese women are like an algebraic equation

Chinese women are like an algebraic equation. We know that that's how it is all over the world. Yes, that's right, but in China, there's something else added: the clip. What can be calculated behind the parenthesis depends on which value precedes the parenthesis. And now we will mostly deal with the values ​​in front of the brackets. The keyword has already fallen "values". And what do Chinese women have to do with that? Let's get started.

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